What is Best of Paris?

BEST OF PARIS is our annual campaign to find the companies, services and achievements expatriates in Paris feel deserve recognition. The campaign is composed of three stages:

  1. Initial nominations (January 2017 – March 2017)
  2. Voting (& additional nominations) (June – Mid August)
    1. To make a vote, simply select a category from the dropdown menu and choose who you vote for
    2. To add an additional nomination – input the details on the form provided on the sidebar
    3. Additional categories can be created by using this form – all new categories will be credited to the creator with a URL
  3. Results (September 2017)
    1. A special edition of Expatriates Magazine – Best of Paris 2017 which will be distributed to over 200 establishments in Paris – see here
      1. The Winners will be published in print – selected winners will be approached for photos and be included in the editorial
      2. Notable nominations will be included in the Best of Paris 2017 Index (Name + website)
    2. Web results – a round up of the winners from the 2017 campaign

I see that some nominations have links – how can I have a link on my nomination?

  • Links are allocated to nominees who are distributors of Expatriates Magazine. A link is given to all establishments who add themselves as a collection point for the magazine (Paris only)
    • To add yourself as a collection point and obtain a link – visit here
  • Some links are given to people who have featured in previous editions of Expatriates Magazine
  • Previous winners (2016 edition) automatically have links
  • For others, a link can be purchased for as little as 15€ – visit here

I have been nominated in several categories but only appear in a couple, why?

  • This year we have decided that standard entries can enter in 2 categories.
  • There are exceptions to this, notably; Expatriates Magazine collection points – as a thank you for distributing our publication we entitle up to three categories – If you would like to become a collection point (in Paris) visit here

My nomination has been removed

  • All  nominations are recorded and tracked through IP and cookies – if we deem that suspicious behavior is taking place we reserve the right to remove the nomination – please contact us here if you feel you have been removed unfairly

One of the other nominations in my category seems to be suspicious

  • If you see suspicious behavior please contact us on contact@expatriatesmagazine.com – we will look into the voting reports.
    • Suspicious behavior includes:
      • Cookie manipulation
      • IP manipulation
      • Direct linking

A friend has nominated me but I would like to be removed from the list

  • If this is the case – please email us on contact@expatriatesmagazine.com with REMOVE in the subject header, please include your company name and category

What happens if I win a category?

If you win your category you will:

  • Be allocated the best in your category
  • Be provided with a web badge
  • Have your photo and small description printed in the printed Best of Paris 2017 edition distributed in 2017
    • You may also be selected for the cover
  • Appear on the Website as the Best when it reopens in September
  • Be short listed for a feature/story in upcoming editions of Expatriates Magazine through 2017/2018



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